Timecop (1994): Body Count Breakdown

Timecop (1994): Body Count by Gregglop09


Max Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 7
Commander Matuzak (Bruce McGill): 2
Senator McComb (Ron Silver): 1


1863: 5
Time Traveling Guy guns down 5 Confederate Soldiers

1929: 1
1 dead body of a guy who commttied suicide shown

Sentencing: 1

Lyle is sent through the time loop where he falls off a building to his death

Warehouse: 3
Max shoots 1 bad guy
McComb shoots the Tech Guy
Max kicks a bad guy off a railing to his death

Pod Escape: 2

Matuzak activates the pod and the backwash from it incinerates 2 soldiers

House: 5

Max shoots 1 bad guy in the head
Max shoots another bad guy with his own gun
Max breaks a bad guy’s neck
Max throws the 2 McCombs together, causing both of them to die