The World Is Not Enough (1999): Body Count Breakdown

The World Is Not Enough (1999) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by Gregglop09/actionguy05)


James Bond (Pierce Brosnan): 27
Gullietta da Vinci/Cigar Girl (Maria Graza Cucinotta): 9
Bullion (Goldie): 7
Victor ‘Renard’ Zokas (Robert Carlyle): 4
Valentin Zukovsky (Robbie Coltrane): 4
Gabor (John Seru): 2
Elektra King (Sophie Marceau): 1


Bank Office: 3
-Bond shoots 1 bodyguard
-Vinci kills Lachaise with a thrown knife
-Vinci snipes 1 bodyguard

MI6: 6
-Vinci’s bomb blows up Robert King, 4 security guards, and 1 receptionist

Boat Escape: 1
-Vinci blows herself up in a hot air balloon

Ski Chase: 4
-1 parahawk pilot accidentally crashes into a tree and is blown up
-1 parahawk pilot is accidentally blown up by an ally’s grenade
-Bond jumps off a cliff and rips a parahawk’s parachute open, causing it to crash into another parahawk and blow up both pilots

Test of Faith: 1
-Arkov is shot by one of Renard’s men

Airfield: 1
-Bond shoots Davidov

Nuclear Site: 7
-Renard shoots Colonel Akakievich and another soldier
-1 soldier is shot by a terrorist
-Bond shoots 1 terrorist
-Bond shoots the terrorist carrying the nuclear locator card
-Renard shoots 1 his own men
-Bond shoots 1 more terrorist

Truth: 4
-Elektra’s bodyguards shoot 1 of M’s bodyguards
-Gabor shoots 2 of M’s bodyguards
-The pipeline technician is shot by Elektra’s bodyguards

Pier: 12
-Bond uses the Aston Martin’s missiles to blow up the first helicopter, killing 4 hitmen onboard
-1 of Valentin’s men is shot by the hitmen
-Bond shoots 3 hitmen
-Bond uses a flare gun to ignite gas that blows up the second helicopter, killing another 4 hitmen onboard

Computer Room: 7
-Bullion’s bomb blows up 7 workers

Betrayal: 4
-Nikolai and 3 other crewmen shown dead

Maiden’s Tower: 12
-2 dead henchmen shown
-2 other henchmen shot by Valentin’s men (it wasn’t clearly shown, but they couldn’t have survived that barrage of bullets)
-1 of Valentin’s men is shot by a henchmen
-Valentin shoots 3 henchmen
-Valentin shoots Bullion
-Elektra shoot Valentin
-Bond shoots Gabor
-Bond shoots Elektra

Sub: 8
-Bond shoots 1 henchman
-Renard shoots 1 of his own men
-Bond causes the sub to flood, drowning 5 henchmen onboard
-Bond impales Renard with the nuclear rod