The Wild Bunch (1969) Bodycount Breakdown

The Wild Bunch (1969) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Pike Bishop (William Holden): 41
Lyle Gorch (Warren Oates): 39
Dutch Engstrom (Ernest Borgnine): 26
Tector Gorch (Ben Johnson): 26
“Crazy” Clarence Lee (Bo Hopkins): 6
Deke Thornton (Robert Ryan): 4
Angel (Jaime Sánchez): 3
Pat Harrigan (Albert Dekker): 2
TC (LQ Jones): 2
Coffer (Strother Martin): 1
General Mapache (Emilio Fernández): 1


Office Robbery: 36
-Mercenaries accidentally shoot 11 civilians in the road
-Gunmen shoot 4 mercenaries
-1 civilian shot by a gunman
-Tector shoots 1 mercenary
-Thornton shoots 1 gunman
-Mercenaries shoot 4 gunmen
-Harrigan accidentally shoots 1 civilian
-Thornton accidentally shoots 1 band member
-Pike shoots 1 mercenary
-Thornton shoots another gunman
-Thornton accidentally shoots a horse, causing it to trample 1 civilian
-Coffer and TC shoot 1 gunman
-Lyle shoots 1 mercenary
-Crazy Lee shoots 3 employees in another room
-Lee shoots 3 lawmen
-Harrigan shoots Lee

“Finish it!”: 1
-Pike shoots Buck

Desert: 1
-The body of a man shown on the ground

“Puta!”: 1
-Angel shoots Teresa

House: 1
-Aurora is shot by her lover

Train: 4
-Lyle shoots 2 U.S. soldiers, causing them to fall off the train
-Angel shoots 2 soldiers, also causing them to fall off the train

Bridge: 3
-Pike shoots 1 mercenary on his horse
-TC shoots 1 U.S. soldier
-Tector shoots 1 mercenary off his horse

Railroad: 9
-1 Mexican officer shot by a rebel
-8 dead Mexican soldiers shown, killed by the rebels

Camp: 6
-6 dead Mexican soldiers shown in pile

Canyon: 1
-Mexican soldiers shoot 1 of their own, causing him to fall off the cliff

Village: 129
-General Mapache slits Angel’s throat
-Pike and Dutch shoot General Mapache
-Pike shoots Commander Mohr
-Pike shoots Lieutenant Herrera
-Tector shoots 1 Mexican soldier
-Lyle shoots 2 soldiers and 1 officer
-Dutch shoots 1 officer and 1 soldier
-Pike shoots 1 soldier and 1 officer
-Pike shoots the Mexican gunner
-Tector shoots another soldier
-Dutch shoots Major Zamorra
-Lyle accidentally shoots 1 woman
-Lyle shoots 2 more soldiers
-Pike shoots another soldier
-Tector shoots Ernst
-Pike shoots 1 more soldier
-Tector shoots 1 more soldier
-Lyle shoots 2 more soldiers and 2 more officers
-Dutch shoots another officer
-Tector mows down 20 soldiers with the machine gun
-Dutch blows up 18 soldiers with grenades
-Lyle shoots 2 soldiers
-Pike shoots 1 officer behind a mirror
-Dutch shoots 2 soldiers and 1 officer
-1 woman is shot by the soldiers while trying to kill Dutch
-Lyle mows down 24 soldiers
-Pike shoots 1 woman
-Pike shoots 4 more soldiers
-Pike mows down 17 soldiers
-Lyle and Tector die from gunshot wounds inflicted by the soldiers
-Pike blows up several boxes of ammo, killing 7 soldiers
-Pike and Dutch are shot by the soldiers