The Transporter (2002): Body Count Breakdown

The Transporter (2002) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Frank Martin (Jason Statham): 9
Wall Street (Matt Schuzle): 1
Lai Kwai (Shu Qi): 1


Robbery: 1
-A bank robber shoots of his partners in the head

Car: 2
-2 people in trunk are blown up by Wall Street’s Thug’s bomb

House: 2
-Frank shoots 2 of Wall Street’s men

Hospital: 1
-Wall Street suffocates 1 of his own men

Shipping Yard: 3
-Frank shoots 2 thugs
-Thugs shoot 1 of their own while shooting at Frank

Truck Chase: 5
-Frank causes Truck Driver to slide onto the door and off a cliff to his death
-Frank causes the 1st car to crash and explode, killing the 3 henchmen inside
-Frank throws Wall Street out of the truck and onto the street, killing him

The Truth: 1
-Lai shoots Mr. Kwai (her father)


-Frank knocks out/beats up many thugs but none of the hits seemed fatal or lethal
-Frank causes the 2nd car to crash as well but the guys aren’t seen before, so I’m not counting them