The Tournament (2009): Body Count Breakdown

The Tournament (2009): Body Count by Gregglop09


Miles Slade (Ian Somerholder): 13
Joshua Harlow (Ving Rhames): 12
Yuri Petrov (Scott Adkins): 10
Lai Lai Zhen (Kelly Hu): 4
Anton Bogart (Sebestien Foucan): 2
Father Joseph McAvoy (Robert Carlyle): 1


Opening/Blood Bath: 5
Harlow shoots Russian Hitman’s head off with a shotgun
Russian Hitman shoots 1 guy
3 dead bodies

Introducing The Contestants: 10
Petrov kills 10 people in video

Hotel Room: 1
Lai Lai shoots an assassin in the head

Rooftop: 2
Sniper Chick snipes an assassin in the head
Bogart snaps Sniper Chick’s neck

Church Fight: 1
Lai Lai blows up Petrov (literally!)

Parking Lot: 1
Harlow shoots Eddy in the back of the head

Dumpster: 1
Slade shoots a guy

Car Crash: 1

Lai Lai shoots a female assassin in the head

Alley: 1
Bogart snipes an assassin in the head

Strip Club: 16
Slade shot-guns 12 people
Harlow shoots 3 assassins
Harlow uses assassin as bullet shield and the assassins shoot him (shared kill)

Random Death Montage: 8
8 people killed

Gas Station: 1
Slade explodes from the planted bomb

Flashback: 1
Lai Lai shoots Harlow’s wife

Truck Chase: 2

Harlow runs down 1 assassin
Father McAvoy crushes/runs over Bogart

Church: 1
Harlow stabs Lai Lai

The Truth: 4
Harlow blows up Mr. Powers, himself and 2 guards with planted bomb inside Powers