The Protector (2005) [International Uncut Version]: Body Count Breakdown

The Protector (2005) [International Uncut Version]: Body Count by MrThePandaman

(previously done by Gregglop09)


Kham (Tony Jaa): 20
Mark (Petchtai Wongkamlao): 4
Vincent (Damian De Montemas): 2
Johnny (Johnny Nyguen): 1


Party: 1
-Kham kicks a guy into a wall, impaling another with glass bottles

Boat Chase: 4
-Bad Guys blow up an innocent man
-Kham uses his boat to make a bad guy’s boat ramp into a helicopter, killing him, the gunner and the pilot

Bathhouse: 5
-Thug shoots 3 people
-Vincent shoots Thug and Rick

Staircase Fight: 7
-Kham throws 2 thugs to their deaths
-Kham beats up 5 guys and throws them down a very long flight of stairs (the combination of being beaten up and thrown down the long stairs is presumably fatal)

Palace: 2
-2 dead bodies

Elevator: 4
-Mark shoots 4 of Vincent’s thugs

Standoff: 1
-Johnny shoots Vincent

Bone Breaker Fight: 6
-Kham breaks 4 thug’s necks
-Kham breaks a thug’s back
-Kham stabs a thug with his own knife

To Make a Giant Fall: 3
-Kham cuts all of the tendons in three henchmen’s bodies with broken elephant bones


-Kham breaks many, many people’s legs and arms but they’re not counted due to the injuries being non-lethal
-Kham throws another person down the long flight of stairs, but he doesn’t roll down, he just lies on a step. Presumably non-fatal.
-Kham kicks Madam Rose’s small henchman out of the helicopter but due to the helicopter being too low, he was probably knocked out
-Kham kicks ALOT of ass in several scenes but I only counted when he breaks a guy’s neck
-Kham also kicks 2 guy’s butts in the Temple but he just knocked them out, so their not counted
-Kahm’s elephant dies