The Patriot (1998): Body Count Breakdown

The Patriot (1998): Body Count by luvmetender009


Dr. Wesley McLaren (Steven Seagal) – 5
Frank (L.Q. Jones) – 5
Floyd Chisolm (Gailard Sartain) – 1


Outbreak – 1
-1 patient succumbs to disease in hospital

Taking Over – 25
-Militants shoots 4 police officers
-Militants’ bomb blows up 3 police officers
-Militants shoots 6 soldiers
-1 soldier’s corpse seen, falling through a glass panel
-Militants shoots 3 soldiers
-Soldiers shoots 4 militants
-Militants shoots 3 medics
-Floyd shoots 1 soldier

Going after the McLarens – 8

-Frank’s dynamite blows up and overturns militant’s truck, crushing 1 militant
-Militant driver in second truck accidentally runs over 1 of his own
-1 dead militant seen lying on a fence, by Frank
-1 more dead militant in second truck, by Frank
-Frank shoots 2 militants
-Surviving militant shoots Frank
-Wesley shoots surviving militant

Medical Research Facility – 5

-4 corpses of soldiers who succumbed to disease seen
-1 soldiers succumbs to disease on-screen

Wesley visits Floyd personally – 4

-Wesley stabs Floyd at side of his head with broken tip of a wine glass
-Wesley shoots 3 militants


-94 people are infected, and 5 are dead, as mentioned in a dialogue in the film.
-Lots and lots of people are seen weak and near their death from effects of the outbreak.
-Wesley beats up a lot of people.