The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (2008): Body Count Breakdown

The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (2008): Body Count by Gregglop09


Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser): 43
Emperor Han (Jet Li): 25
Alex O’Connell (Luke Ford): 13
Evelyn (Maria Bello): 10
Johnathan (John Hannah): 6
General Yang (Anthony Wong): 4
Lin (Isabella Leong): 1
Choi (Jessey Meng): 1
Zi Yuan (Michelle Yeoh): 1


Assassination Attempt: 1
Han throws a knife into an assassin’s chest, killing him (the other 2 are shown alive)

Conquering: 26
5 people executed by Han’s men
21 dead bodies

Betrayal: 1
General Ming pulled apart by horses (even though he comes back as a mummy, I’m still counting his death as a human)

Tomb: 3
3 workers killed by booby traps

Museum: 1
Han knocks Wilson’s head off

Snow Battle: 13
Rick shoots 3 soldiers
Evelyn shoots 3 soldiers
Alex shoots 1 soldier
Yetis kill 2 soldiers
Rick stabs a soldier
Rick shoots 2 basookas, blowing up 3 soldiers (only Rick gets these kills since he’s the last one to shoot the basookas)

Final Battle: 116

Rick kills 35 Terracotta Mummies
Han (as a monster) crashes plane, killing 19 Mummies and the pilot
Alex guns down 12 Terracotta Mummies
Evelyn kills 7 Terracotta Mummies
Johnathan shoots 5 Terracotta Mummies (he’s the last one to shoot, so I’m giving the last 5 kills to him)
General Yang kills 4 mummies
Han kills 3 mummies with a sword
Zi Yuan impales herself on Han’s sword (not Han’s kill since he didn’t directly stab her)
25 mummies killed in battle
15 Mummies gunned down by plane
Jonathan drops a bomb on top of Yang’s truck, killing the driver (Yang and his girlfriend survive)

Wheel Room: 2

Lin kicks Yang into the path of a wheel, crushing him
Choi kills herself by letting herself get crushed by the wheel

Final Showdown: 1

Rick stabs Han, causing him to explode