The Mummy Returns (2001): Body Count Breakdown

The Mummy Returns (2001): Body Count by Gregg (count)/dragonfellow17 (video)


Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser): 45
Ardeth Bay (Oded Fehr): 20
Scorpion King (Dwayne Johnson): 8
Imothep (Arnold Vosloo): 7
Evelyn (Rachel Weisz): 4
Jonathan (John Hannah): 3
Ank-su-namun (Patrica Velasquez): 1


Opening: 21
Scorpion King kills 7 soldiers
7 other soldiers killed in battle
5 people killed by Anubis Warriors
2 soldiers killed by desert heat

Finding Imothep: 23
23 slave workers killed by scarab beetles

House: 3
Rick throws a Egyptian Asp at a bad guy, killing him
Rick throws a knife into a bad guy’s chest, killing him
Ardeth breaks a bad guy’s neck

Museum Fight: 30

Ardeth machine guns 2 bad guys
Rick shoots 4 bad guys
Rick blows up 9 bad guys
Ardeth blows up 15 bad guys

Bus: 3
Rick shot-guns 1 soldier mummy
Evelyn shot-guns 1 soldier mummy
1 soldier mummy killed by low-bridge by Jonathan (this isn’t Rick’s kill, since he’s not directly responsible for the mummy’s death, if it’s anybody’s kill it’s Jonathan since he was driving)

Flashback: 1
Imothep stabs Seti

Train: 3
Imothep drains 3 henchmen

Carnack: 2

Imothep hurles 2 guys into 2 statues

Jungle Fight: 53

Rick shoots 2 bad guys
Ardeth shoots 2 bad guys
Evelyn snipes 3 bad guys
Jonathan snipes 2 bad guys
Rick shoots 2 pygmy mummies
Rick blows up 23 pygmy mummies
Ardeth kills Lock-Nah with a sword
4 bad guys killed by quicksand
Pygmy Mummies kill 14 bad guys

Temple: 10

Anck-su-namun stabs Evelyn (she’s brought back to life)
Scorpion King rips apart Hafez with his claws
Rick impales Scorpion King with spear
Imothep is killed when he casts himself into the Pit Of Souls
Anck-su-namun is eaten by scarab beetles
5 pygmy mummies killed in tornado