The Mummy (1999) Bodycount Breakdown

The Mummy (1999) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Richard “Rick” O’Connell (Brendan Fraser): 51
Ardeth Bay (Oded Fehr): 12
Daniels (Corey Johnson): 11
Jonathan Carnahan (John Hannah): 7
Imothep (Arnold Vosloo): 6
Dr. Bay (Erick Avari): 6
Burns (Tuc Watkins): 3
Henderson (Stephen Dunham): 2
Anck-su-namun (Patrica Velasquez): 2
Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz): 1
Gad Hassan (Omid Djalili): 1


Prologue: 2
-Anck-su-namun and Imothep kill Pharaoh Seti I
-Anck-su-namun stabs herself in the stomach

Hamunaptra, 1923: 83
-Legionaries shoot 30 Turks
-Rick shoots 2 Turks with his rifle
-Turks kill 33 Legionaries
-Rick shoots 2 more Turks with his rifle
-Rick shoots 2 Turks with his revolvers
-Rick shoots 2 more Turks with dual pistols
-Turks kill 6 more Legionaries
-6 dead bodies seen in the background of the Turks

Boat Attack: 7
-Rick guns down 2 Medjai warriors in the window
-Rick shoots 3 Medjai warriors with his revolvers
-Rick kicks a Medjai warrior into a room full of fire, burning him to death
-Henderson, Daniels and Burns shoot 1 Medjai warrior (all of them get the kill since they were all shooting at him at the same time)
-Henderson shoots the Medjai Lieutenant off the boat

Tomb: 5
-3 Egyptian diggers are “melted” by pressurized salt acid
-Hassan (with the scarab beetles in his brain) runs into a stone wall, killing himself
-An Egyptian Digger is eaten by Scarab Beetles

Camp Attack: 16
-Daniels shoots 1 Medjai Warrior
-Medjai Warriors kill 2 Egyptian Diggers
-Burns shoots 2 Medjai Warriors
-Daniels shoots 1 more Medjai Warrior
-Rick shoots 4 Medjai Warriors
-Evy shoots a Medjai Warrior coming at her on a horse
-Jonathan shoots 2 Medjai Warriors while drinking (the 2nd one is off-screen)
-Rick shoots 1 Medjai Warrior off his horse
-2 dead Medjai Warriors seen dead in the background of Rick and Evelyn
-1 dead Egyptian Digger is seen dead

“More Is Needed”: 1
-Imothep sucks the life out of Burns off-screen

Streets: 1
-Imothep kills Dr. Chamberlain

Hotel: 3
-Imothep sucks the life out of Henderson
-2 adventurers are engulfed by fireballs

Escape: 18
-Daniels shoots 8 slaves
-Imothep kills Daniels off-screen
-Jonathan crashes into a post at full speed, killing 2 slaves who were hanging on
-Dr. Bey kills 6 slaves with one of Ardeth’s swords
-Slaves kill Dr. Bey off-screen (we pretty much know that he’s fucked)

Plane Chase: 1
-Imothep’s sandstorm causes Winston’s biplane to crash into the sand, killing Winston

Closing The Door: 15
-Ardeth shoots 9 mummies
-Rick shoots 5 mummies
-Jonathan shoots 2 mummies
-Rick blows up 5 mummies with dynamite
-Ardeth shoots 3 more mummies

Ceremony: 23
-Rick cuts down 15 mummies
-Rick crushes 1 Soldier Mummy
-Rick cuts down 2 Soldier Mummies
-Soldier Mummies (under Jonathan’s command) kill Anck-su-namun’s Mummy
-Rick sets 1 Soldier Mummy on fire
-Rick cuts down 2 more Soldier Mummies
-Rick kills Imothep

Ending: 1
-Benny is eaten by scarab beetles