The Mechanic (1972) Bodycount Breakdown

The Mechanic (1972) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Arthur Bishop (Charles Bronson): 24
Steve McKenna (Jan-Michael Vincent): 3


Opening Hit: 1
-Bishop blows up his target in his apartment

Beach: 1
-Bishop suffocates Harry to death

Road: 1
-Bishop breaks the delivery van driver’s neck

House: 2
-Bishop kills 2 of his target’s bodyguards

Chase: 1
-The target accidentally flies off a cliff on his motorcycle and is blown up

Boat: 8
-Bishop shoots 1 hitman through a door
-Steve shoots 1 hitman
-Bishop blows up the boat, killing 6 hitmen onboard

Escape: 12
-Bishop blows up a car carrying 2 hitmen
-Bishop shoots 1 hitman
-Bishop’s car bomb blows up 3 hitmen in the blast and sets 1 hitman on fire
-Bishop shoots 3 more hitmen
-Steve shoots 1 hitman
-Bishop uses a bulldozer to push a car containing 1 thug off the cliffside

Hotel: 1
-Bishop is killed from being poisoned by Brucine on his wine glass, courtesy of Steve

“End of game. Bang, you’re dead!”: 1
-Steve is blown up in his car thanks to Bishop