The Marine (2006): Body Count Breakdown

The Marine (2006) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


John Triton (John Cena): 18
Rome (Robert Patrick): 3
Morgan (Anthony Ray Parker): 3
Angela (Abgail Bianca): 2


“No Time”: 15
-John shoots the terrorist holding the camera
-John shoots 2 terroists next to the Marines
-John shoots 3 terrorists while yelling loudly
-John blows up 3 terrorists with his grenade launcher attachment
-John shoots a terrorist with his own gun
-John uses a terrorist as a human shield and he is shot by the other terrorists (shared)
-John shoots 2 terrorists with the shield’s gun
-John knocks a terrorist in the neck with a wooden plank, breaking it
-John breaks the last terrorist’s neck with his foot
-1 terrorist is blown up by an Apache helicopter

Heist: 3
-Rome shoots Paul in the head
-Morgan shoots a rocket launcher at a cop car, blowing it up and killing the 2 cops inside

Gas Station: 2
-Morgan shoots Officer Brady
-Angela shoots the clerk off-screen

Swamp: 1

-Rome shoots Vescara

Shack: 3
-John stabs Morgan
-John breaks Bennett’s neck
-Rome shoots Van Buren

Hitchiking: 1
-Angela shoots the truck driver off-screen

Truck Chase: 1
-John throws Angela into the path of a a moving bus, killing her

Final Fight: 1
-John breaks Rome’s neck with a chain


-Rome knocks out a bank security guard but didn’t kill him
-John presumably blows up more terrorists with his grenade launcher but the deaths are not shown as it cuts away
-Officer Herrera is shot multiple times by Rome but is shown alive at the end of the scene