The Marine 2 (2009): Body Count Breakdown

The Marine 2 (2009): Body Count by gregglop09


Joe (Ted DiBasie Jr.): 15
Church (Micheal Rooker): 2


Opening Mission: 5
Joe shoots 1 thug
Joe snipes The Target
Joe shoots 2 more thugs
Little Boy shot by thugs

Takeover: 6
Joe breaks the necks of 2 terrorists
Terrorists kill 4 people

Sneaking In: 3
Joe snipes a guy in the head
Rebel shot in the back by another
1 dead body of a rebel shown

“It’s A Trap”: 5
Joe shoots Rouge Rebel
Joe blows 1 terrorist off a roof with a grenade
Joe shoots 1 terrorist
Terrorists shoot 2 rebels

Chase: 3
Rebel Leader shoots 2 terrorists
Joe runs over 1 terrorist with a jeep

Going Back In: 4
Joe knifes 1 terrorist
3 dead bodies

Laundry Room: 1
Joe throws a knife into a terrorist and kicks it in, killing him

“You Disappoint Me”: 1
Terrorist Leader shoots 1 guy

Steam Room Fight: 2
Joe shoots 1 terrorist
Joe breaks a terrorist’s neck with his foot

Escape: 1

Joe stabs 1 terrorist

Secured: 2
Church shoots 1 terrorist
Joe shoots 1 terrorist

Escaping: 2

Church breaks a terrorist’s neck
Hostages stab 1 terrorist

Final Showdown: 1

Terrorist Leader blows himself up