The Legend Of Zorro Killcount and Body Count Breakdown

The Legend Of Zorro (2005)

Starring Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Banderas kills 11
Zeta-Jones kills 6

The Legend Of Zorro rights held by Amblin Entertainment and Sony.

The Legend of Zorro (2005) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

[Character Kills]

Don Alejandro De La Vega/Zorro (Antonio Banderas): 11
Elena De La Vega (Catherine Zeta-Jones): 6
Jacob McGivens (Nick Chinlund): 2
Ferroq (Raúl Méndez): 2
Guillermo Cortez (Gustavo Sánchez Parra): 1
Count Armand (Rufus Sewell): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Bridge Fight: 6
Zorro hits one of McGivens’ men with a box causing him to fall through a hole in the bridge to his death
Zorro hits one of McGivens’ men with a box causing him to fall and hit his testicles on a wooden pole and he falls off the bridge to his death
Zorro cuts the rope to the bridge and uses his whip to pull the bridge down causing 4 of McGivens’ men to fall to their deaths

Farm/Barn Fight: 4
Guillermo shoots one of McGivens’ men through a door
One of McGivens’ men who was set on fire jumps into a haystack which sets the barn on fire and it explodes blowing up 2 of McGivens’ men still inside
Guillermo dies from being shot in the back by McGivens

Demonstration: 1
Armand throws a tube of nitro at Lord Dillingham’s feet blowing him up

Pantry: 2
Agent Pike’s body is seen throat slit with a hook by Ferroq
Agent Harrigan’s body is seen throat slit with a hook by Ferroq

Warehouse Fight: 1
Alejandro kicks McGivens onto a turning wheel and McGivens accidentally activates a lever which causes his shirt to be tangled into the wheel mechanism trapping him on the wheel and a drop of nitro falls onto his head blowing him up (Shared)

Train Fight/“The drinks are on me”: 10
Zorro jumps on the train with Tornado knocking 2 of Armand’s men off the train to their deaths
Elena places a bottle of nitro into Ferroq’s backside and throws him out of the train and near the ground blowing up Ferroq, Col. Beauregard and 4 of his men nearby
Zorro ties Armand’s head to the front of the train and the train crashes into a crate caused by Zorro throwing a piece of wood at one of McGivens’ men knocking one of McGivens’ men down on a lever speeding up the train causing the nitro to fly upwards causing the train to explode blowing up Armand and one of McGivens’ men knocked out by Zorro earlier (Zorro’s kills)

[The Final Tally= 34]

[The Unconfirmed and Uncounted]

-Many beatdowns/knockouts but nothing fatal
-Zorro cuts a rope with a crate with 2 of McGivens’ men and on it falls down a small cliff and onto the ground but they didn’t appear to have died
-It is unknown what happened to the 2nd of McGivens’ men on the train