The Last Boy Scout (1991) Body Count Breakdown

The Last Boy Scout (1991) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis): 15
Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayans): 4
Billy Cole (Billy Blanks): 2
Milo (Taylor Negron): 2


Opening Football Game: 2
Billy shoots 1 football player in the face
Billy shoots himself

Blown Up: 1
Mike Matthews blown up in car bombing

Consequences: 4
Joe stabs 1 hitman in the throat with a broken piece of glass
Cory is shot by the hitmen
Joe shoots 2 hitmen

Apartment: 2
Joe puts a piece of C4 in his car trunk and Jake unintentionally shoots it, setting it off and blowing up Jake and his partner

“There are too many bullets in this gun!”: 1
Milo shoots McCoskey

“Touch me again and I’ll kill you”: 1
Joe punches Chet hard in the face and kills him instantly

Exchange: 3
Joe shoots 2 thugs
Jimmy forces a thug to shoot Pablo

Escape: 3
Joe forces one of the cars off the road, causing it to crash down a cliff and kill the 2 thugs inside
Joe forces Milo’s car down a hill and into a pool where it crashes and explodes, he then fills the car full of lead, ensuring the driver is killed

Phone Call: 1
Milo shoots the pool guy

Chase: 2
Joe shoots the limo’s tires, causing it to crash and flip over, killing the driver
Joe shoots 1 fed

Stadium: 5
Jimmy throws an explosive shotgun shell into the fireplace, causing it to explode and burn 2 thugs
Joe shoots 2 thugs
Jimmy shoots 1 thug

Fight on the Lights: 1
Milo is shot by the police, causing him to fall off the lights and get blended in a helicopter’s blades

Wrong Case: 1
Marcone is accidentally blown up by the briefcase with explosives


-Billy shoots 2 other players, but he doesn’t hit them lethally.
-Marcone’s 2 dogs are also blown up along with him.