The Killer (1989): Body Count Breakdown

Dip Huet Seung Hung [The Killer] (1989): Body Count by luvmetender009


Ah Jong (Chow Yun Fat) – 71
Inspector Li Ying (Danny Lee Sau-Yin) – 49
Fung Sei (Kong Chu) – 8
Sgt. Tsang Yeh (Kenneth Tsang) – 4
Wong Hoi (Shing Fui On) – 3
Crazy Eddie – 2
Paul Yau (Fan Wei Yee) – 1


Nightclub – 11
-Jong shoots 6 triads and first target in bar
-Jong shoots 4 more triads in corridor

Highway – 5
-Crazy Eddie shoot a cop
-Li shoots 2 triads
-Tseng shoots 1 triad
-Crazy Eddie shoots a cab driver

Bus – 2
-Li shoots Crazy Eddie in his tracheal cord
-Innocent woman used as a hostage by Crazy Eddie dies of heart attack (her death was an accident, it isn’t counted in either Li or Eddie’s tally)

Boat Race – 1
-Jong kills Wong Dong-Yu

Beach – 9
-Jong shoots 5 triads and blows up 1 by shooting at oil drums
-Li shoots 3 triads

Betrayal – 5
-Jong shoots 5 triads in his apartment

Parking Lot – 1
-Jong shoots Wong Hoi’s driver

Highway Chase – 3
-Tseng drove 1 car off a cliff, causing it to crash and killing the 3 triads inside it

Hospital – 1
-Tseng succumbs to gunshot wounds caused by being shot by Paul

Jenny’s House – 23

-Jong shoots 15 triads
-Jong thrushes a knife into 1 triad’s back
-Li shoots 7 triads

Cliff – 3

-Jong shoots 1 triad driving a car

Triad Headquarters – 8
-Fung Sei shoots 7 triads
-Fung Sei throws a triad into a glass table, knocking him unconscious and then uses him as a human shield

Church – 67
-Jong shoots the first triad who barges into the church
-Li shoots 2 more triads that was following close behind
-Jong mercy kills Fung Sei
-Jong shoots 27 triads
-Li shoots 28 triads
-Li shoots a case of shells which sends bullets spraying everywhere and kills 3 triads
-Li shoots a gas tank, blowing up 2 triads
-Wong Hoi shoots the priest
-Wong Hoi shoots Paul
-Wong Hoi shoots out Ah Jong’s eyes, killing him

Arrest – 1
-Li shoots Wong Hoi in front of the entire HK police force


The fate of the little girl caught in the crossfire during the beach shootout was left ambiguous.
Inspector Li forces a car containing two triads to drive off a cliff, but it isn’t high enough.