The Island (2005) Bodycount Breakdown

The Island (2005) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor): 19
Jay (Gary Nickens): 4
Albert Laurent (Dijmon Honsou): 2
Dr. Merrick (Sean Bean): 1


The Truth: 2
-Merrick injects poison into Lima’s IV Tube, causing her to go into cardiac arrest and die
-Starkweather is pulled back into the surgery room and killed off-screen

“Run!”: 1
-McCord is shot by an assassin and falls over a railing to his death

“Get Them!”: 16
-An armored truck crashes into a cop car, killing the 2 cops inside
-Mercenaries shoot 4 people
-Lincoln releases the weight load, causing it to hit a mercenary car, killing the driver, passenger and gunner
-The weights cause 2 more cars to crash, killing 6 mercenaries (Lincoln’s kills)
-The weights crash into another car, killing 2 mercenaries
-Lincoln hits a cycle’s driver, causing him to crash, killing his gunner

Cycle Chase: 9
-The Cycle driver and gunner are hit by an oncoming train
-Lincoln accidentally runs over an innocent civilian with the speed cycle
-Lincoln’s cycle crashes into a lift, sending 3 construction workers to their deaths
-Jay shoots out the building’s sign cables, causing it to fall on the helicopter, killing the pilot, gunner and 2 mercenaries in the middle

“I’m Tom Lincoln!”: 1

-Laurent shoots the real Lincoln

“Kill Them”: 3
-3 clones are injected with poison by the guards

Final Confrontation: 4
-Laurent shoots 1 guard
-Lincoln sabotages a machine’s turbines, causing one of them to crash through the railing, sending 2 guards to their deaths
-Lincoln kills Merrick with his own hook-wire


-Lincoln and Jordan knock around several guards in their escape but didn’t kill them
-Lincoln’s weights cause the armored truck to crash but all the occupants are shown alive
-The cycle driver jumps off his own bike but is seen alive