The Human Shield (1991): Body Count Breakdown

The Human Shield (1991): Body Count by Rutledal


Doug Matthews (Michael Dudikoff): 23
General Ali Dallal (Steve Inwood): 1
Tanzi (Uri Gavriel): 1


Village Bombing: 20
– 2 villagers are killed by explosions
– 17 dead bodies seen on the ground*
– Gen. Dallal shoots a woman

Jeep Chase: 4
– Doug blows up two jeeps, each containing 2 soldiers, with grenades.

Secret Meeting: 4
– Albalo is shot by an unseen gunman
– Doug shoots a man chasing him on a motorcycle
– Doug blows up car with a grenade, killing 2

Kurdish Massacre: 24
– Tanzi shoots a soldier
– 23 Kurdish men, women and children are gunned down**

Hotel: 8
– One guard shoots another guard used by Doug as a human shield
– Doug kills 7 guards

Abadon: 9
– Doug shoots 6 guards
– Doug kills 2 guards using a grenade
– Doug sets Gen. Dallal on fire and lets him burn to death


* This is a rough assumption as it was hard to tell some apart, or if I had counted someone twice
** Same as above