The Green Hornet (2011) Body Count Breakdown

The Green Hornet (2011) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Kato (Jay Chou): 52
Chudofsky (Christopher Waltz): 32
Britt Reid/The Green Hornet (Seth Rogen): 1
Scanlon (David Harbour): 2


Club: 26
-Chudodsky shoots 4 of the dealer’s goons
-Chudofsky blows up 21 people and the dealer

Street Fight: 1
-Kato shoots a thug in the head

Failure: 1
-Chudofsky shoots his dealer

First Chase: 5
-Kato blows up a Bronco, killing 4 gangsters inside
-Kato causes a car to crash and explode, killing the driver

Construction Site: 3
-Kato’s bomb blows up 1 henchman and causes a bulldozer to fall on another’s car, killing him
-Chudofsky accidentally crushes 2 of his own goons

Killer Green: 9
-Chudofsky shoots 2 civilians
-Thugs kill 7 people

Bloodofsky is Born: 1
-Chudofsky shoots his own henchman

Deal: 1
-Kato pushes guy thru a window at high speed, killing him

Flashback: 2
-Scanlon kills Britt’s Father
-Chudofsky shoots a reporter in the head

Escape: 18
-Kato blows up 18 goons with the rockets from the car

Death Chase: 8
-Kato blows up the 2 gangsters in the Bronco
-Kato causes another car to crash into a bus, killing the 3 gangsters inside
-Kato causes a car with 3 gangsters inside to ram into an 18-wheeler

Finale: 20
-Kato mows down 1 thug with the car’s turret
-Kato kicks 3 goons into the newspaper machine
-Kato throws a knife into a thug’s chest and kicks him into the machine
-Kato punches a goon in the balls and throws him to his death
-Scanlon tosses a goon that Brit shot with his gas gun off a high railing to his death
-The Black Beauty’s bottom half collapses onto 1 goon (caused by Kato)
-Kato crushes 2 goons in between a wall
-Kato blows up 6 goons with rockets
-Kato shoots down a statue onto a goon
-Kato kicks a goon out a window to his death
-Kato throws a knife into a goon’s throat
-Kato breaks a goon’s neck
-Kato impales Chudofsky in the eyes and Britt shoots him
-Kato rams The Black Beauty into Scanlon and he falls out the window where he is crushed by it