The Expendables (2010:) Body Count Breakdown

The Expendables (2010:) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Lee Christmas (Jason Statham): 61 (1 shared with Stallone)
Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone): 41 (1 shared with Crews, 1 shared with Statham)
Hale Caesar (Terry Crews): 31
Yin Yang (Jet Li): 28
Toll Road (Randy Couture): 11
Gunnar Jensen (Dolph Lundgren): 5
James Munroe (Eric Roberts): 4
General Garza (David Zayas): 2
Dan Paine (Steve Austin): 1


Warning Shot: 15
Gunnar blows a pirate apart with a shotgun
Barney shoots 5 pirates
Lee shoots 5 pirates
Yang shoots 3 pirates
Gunnar shoots 1 more pirate

Faster: 8
Barney shoots 6 pirates
Lee knifes 2 pirates

Talking: 3
Garza shoots 2 townspeople
Munroe shoots 1 man

Field: 14
Barney shoots 8 soldiers
Lee slices and dices 6 soldiers

Escape: 33
Barney shoots 2 soldiers and a security guard
Lee mows down 20 soldiers with the plane’s machine guns
Lee blows up 10 soldiers with a flare gun

Car Chase: 6
Gunnar causes SUV to crash, killing 2 guys
Gunnar stomps a guy to death
Barney causes an SUV to crash into truck with spikes, killing 2 guys
Yang shoots 1 guy

Planting The Charges: 4

Caesar knifes 1 guard
Caesar breaks a guard’s neck
Lee knifes 2 soldiers

Rescuing Sandra: 2
Barney slices a soldier’s head off
Barney stabs a soldier in the throat

Tunnel: 14
Lee kills 6 soldiers
Yang breaks a soldier’s neck and stabs 3 more
Yang breaks The Brit’s neck with one kick
Toll shoots 3 soldiers
Toll breaks a soldier’s back (you hear the crunch)

Caesar To The Rescue: 22
Caesar mows down 22 soldiers with an AA-12

Betrayal: 4
Munroe shoots Garza
Paine shoots 1 soldier
Munroe shoots 2 soldiers guarding Garza

Big Finale: 64
Barney shoots 15 soldiers
Lee shoots and knifes 11 soldiers
Yang shoots 7 soldiers
Yang blows up 13 soldiers
Caesar shoots 4 soldiers
Caesar blows up 2 guard towers, killing 4 soldiers
Caesar throws his knife into a soldier
Toll shoots 7 soldiers
Toll kills Paine
Barney and Caesar blow up Munroe’s helicopter, killing the pilot (shared kill)
Barney shoots Munroe and Lee throws a knife through his chest (shared kill)