The Enforcer (1976) Body Count Breakdown

The Enforcer (1976) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Bobby Maxwell (DeVeren Bookwalter): 7
Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood): 6
Inspector Kate Moore (Tyne Daly): 2
Inspector Frank DiGiorgio (John Mitchum): 1
Wanda (Samantha Doane): 1
Lalo (Michael Cavanaugh): 1
Tex (Ronald Manning): 1


Countryside: 2
-Maxwell stabs Andy
-Maxwell shoots Johnny

Store: 3
-Harry shoots 1 thug
-Harry shoots Mitch
-Harry shoots another thug

Storage Place: 3
-Maxwell stabs the security guard
-DiGiorgio accidentally shoots Miki
-Maxwell runs over Tony

Hospital: 1
-DiGiorgio dies from a stab wound inflicted by Maxwell

Road: 4
-Maxwell blows up a truck with a LAW, killing its driver
-Lalo shoots Abe
-Tex shoots Jimmy
-The bridge operator is shown dead, killed by Wanda

Church: 1
-Moore shoots Wanda

Alcatraz Island: 5

-Harry sprays Tex with the boat’s hose, causing him to fall off the tower into the bay
-Harry shoots Karl
-Moore shoots Lalo
-Maxwell shoots Moore
-Harry blows up Maxwell with a LAW