The Delta Force (1986): Body Count Breakdown

The Delta Force (1986): Body Countby Rutledal and gregglop09


Maj. Scott McCoy (Chuck Norris): 43
Col. Nick Alexander (Lee Marvin): 10
Bobby (Steve James): 11
Abdul Rifi (Robert Forster): 1
Moustapha (David Menachem): 1


“Take ‘Em Down!”: 1
Abdul shoots Tom (the navy guy)

Church: 1
Moustapha pushes Father Nicholas off a balcony to his death

Car Chase: 4
McCoy shoots 4 soldiers

Rescue: 34
McCoy shoots 16 soldiers
Bobby shoots 5 soldiers
Alexander shoots 5 soldiers
McCoy blows up 4 more soldiers
Bobby blows up 5 other soldiers

Motorcycle Chase: 13
McCoy blows up 6 soldiers
7 other soldiers killed in battle

Getting To The House: 1
McCoy strangles a soldier to death

Abdul’s Death: 1
McCoy blows up Abdul

Escape: 5
McCoy blows up 5 more soldiers

Ambush: 12
Alexander kills 4 soldiers
Bobby strangles 1 soldier
Delta Force Soldiers shoot 5 soldiers
Alexander shoots Mustafa

Runway: 6
McCoy shoots 2 soldiers in trucks
McCoy blows up 4 more soldiers