The Deer Hunter (1978) Bodycount Breakdown

The Deer Hunter (1978) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Staff Sergeant Michael “Mike” Vronsky (Robert De Niro): 8
Corporal Nikanor “Nicky” Chevotarevich (Christopher Walken): 4


Vietnam Capture: 28
-3 dead American soldiers shown on ground
-17 villagers in foxhole blown up by a NVA soldier’s grenade
-1 dead villager shown on ground
-1 body shown being dragged by a pig
-The NVA soldier shoots a woman and her child
-3 other bodies shown in grass
-Mike burns the NVA soldier with a flamethrower and then shoots him

Riverside Camp: 19
-1 ARVN POW shoots himself while playing Russian Roulette
-7 American soldiers and POWs shown in water
-1 player shoots himself offscreen
-Mike shoots the VC bookie
-Mike shoots 6 Vietcong
-Nicky shoots 2 Vietcong
-Nicky beats 1 Vietcong to death with his AK-47

Army Base: 30
-30 bodies covered by cloth shown on ground

Alley: 3
-3 players of Russian Roulette shown being unloaded

Saigon: 7
-7 dead bodies shown lying in roads

Russian Roulette: 2
-1 player shoots himself
-Nicky shoots himself


-The bodycount also includes a deer.