The Dark Knight (2008): Body Count Breakdown

The Dark Knight (2008) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by gregglop09)


The Joker (Heath Ledger): 23
Harvey Dent/Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart): 4
Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale): 1
Happy (William Smillie): 1
Grumpy (Danny Goldring): 1
Bank Manager (William Fichtner): 1


Opening Heist: 5
Happy shoots Dopey
Bank Manager shoots Chuckles
Grumpy shoots Happy
Grumpy is backed over by a bus
Joker shoots the bus driver

“How about a magic trick?”: 1
Joker slams a pencil through Gabol’s bodyguard’s eye

“How about alive?”: 3

Joker stabs 2 thugs
Joker cuts Gambol’s throat

Meeting: 1
Joker hangs Brian

“I’m a man of my word”: 4

Judge Surillo blown up by car bomb placed by Joker’s men
Commisioner Loeb poisoned by Joker
Richard Dent and Patrick Harvey shown dead, killed by Joker

Roadblock: 1
Joker shoots 1 cop

Chase: 3
Joker blows up a police car with an RPG, killing the driver
Joker’s men cause police helicopter to crash and explode, killing the pilot and gunner

Face/Off: 1
Joker shoots up a car, killing its driver

Going Free: 9

Joker detonates cell phone bomb, blowing up 1 inmate, 2 paramedics, and 5 cops
Rachel blown up by explosives placed by Joker

Taking Over: 1
Joker sets fire to money stack, burning up Lau

Hospital: 1
Joker shoots Officer Polk

Bar: 1
Harvey/Two-Face shoots Wuertz

Revenge: 3
Harvey/Two-Face kills Maroni’s bodyguard offscreen
Harvey/Two-Face shoots Maroni’s driver, causing the car to crash and kill Maroni

Final Showdown: 1
Bruce/Batman tackles Harvey/Two-Face off a building to his death


-Joker’s truck driver during the chase is shown to be incapacitated, though it’s uncertain if he was killed or not.