The Crow: City Of Angels (1996) Body Count Breakdown

The Crow: City Of Angels (1996) Body Count Breakdown by BodyCountMan


Ashe Corven/The Crow-(Vincent Perez) 5
Judah Earl-(Richard Brooks) 2
Curve-(Iggy Pop) 2
Kali-(Thuy Trang) 2


Death Of A Father And Son: 2
Kali-shoots Danny
Curve-Shoots Ashe

That Was A Bad Batch: 1

Judah-stabs Bassett up the nose whit a needle

Flashback: 1

Curve-shoots a man

Death Of A Monkey: 1

Ashe-blows Spider Monkey up

Do You Want Me Baby?: 1

Ashe-stick his thumbs down in too Nemo eyes in too his skull

Noah’s Death: 1

Kali-stabs Noah through the eye whit a tattoo needle

Daddy Going To Buy You A Big Black Bird!: 1
Ashe-throws Kali out a window and the back of her head hit a car window and door

You Made Me What I Am: 1

Ashe-blows Curve up and puts a coin in his mouth and puts him in the river

Pain Is My Power: 2
Judah-stabs Sarah
Ashe-sends a murder of crows on too Judah