The Crow (1994): Body Count Breakdown

The Crow (1994): Body Count by luvmetender009


Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) – 25
T-Bird (David Patrick Kelly) – 1, shared with Funboy
Funboy (Michael Massee) – 1, shared with T-Bird
Top Dollar (Michael Wincott) – 1
Sergeant Albrecht (Ernie Hudson) – 1


October 30th, Devil’s Night – 2
-Shelly Webster succumbs to wounds caused by rape
-T-Bird and Funboy took turns shooting Eric Draven to death

Eric’s First Victim – 1
-Eric stabs Tin Tin

Top Dollar Club – 1
-Whore dies from drug overdose, then gets her eyes cut out offscreen

Apartment – 1
-Eric injects Funboy with his own drugs until Funboy dies of an overdose

Docks – 1
-Eric blows up T-Bird in his car while sending it to full acceleration into the docks

Top Dollar Pisses Off – 1
-Top Dollar stabs then shoots Gideon

Top Dollar Club Shootout – 21
-Eric shoots 12 gangsters
-Eric drags 1 gangster beneath a table and finished him off
-Eric stabs 1 gangster
-Eric slash 5 gangsters
-Eric kicks 1 gangster out of a window
-Eric throws Skank out of a window

Church – 3

-Albrecht shoots Grange
-Myca’s eyes gouged out by the titular crow, where she then falls off a balcony to her death
-Eric drops Top Dollar off church’s roof, where he falls and gets impaled on a gargoyle’s horns