The Corrupter (1999): Body Count Breakdown

The Corrupter (1999): Body Count by luvmetender009


Nick Chen (Chow Yun-Fat) – 11
Danny Wallace (Mark Wahlberg) – 8
Bobby Vu (Byron Mann) – 2
Uncle Benny (Kim Chan) – 1


Chinatown – 1
-Bobby Vu and triads kills 1 man

Antiques Store – 3
-Chen shoots 3 triads

Police Precinct – 1
-Photograph of 1 dead whore seen

Whorehouse Bust – 5
-Triads kills 1 man
-Chen shoots 1 triad
-Triads shoot 1 cop
-Cops shoot 1 triad
-Chen shoots 1 triad

Alley – 1
-Corpse of a whore seen in a dumpster

Tony’s Basement – 2
-Wallace shoots 2 triads

Chase – 10
-Chen shoots 1 triad in driver seat
-Triads kills 6 innocent people (I counted more than 6 people getting shot but a dialogue later after the chase reveals the count to be 6)
-1 triad smashes himself against a signboard
-Wallace shoots out rival vehicle’s tyres, causing car to overturn and explode killing 2 remaining triads inside

“You kill me? You no man enough!!!” – 1
-Uncle Benny kills himself

Illegal Shipment – 10
-Chen shoots 2 triads
-Wallace shoots 3 triads
-Chen shoots at steam ducts, which pushed 1 triad off a balcony to his death
-Wallace shoots at a fuel line which causes 1 triad to be incinerated, but that triad is shot and finished off by Chen
-Chen shoots 1 triad
-Bobby Vu shoots Chen
-Wallace shoots Bobby Vu