The Butcher (2009): Body Count Breakdown

The Butcher (2009): Body Count Breakdown by Eggimann


Merle Hench (Eric Roberts): 30
Teddy Carmichael (Michael Ironside): 1
Murdoch (Robert Davi): 1 shared
Tyke (Timothy V. Murphy): 1 shared


Flashback: 1
Teddy shoots a guy

Road: 1

One of Murdock´s men shoots a guy

Robbery: 1
Merle shoots Eddie

Bar: 1
Merle shoots Pearl

Parking Lot: 6
Merle shoots 6 thugs

Strip Club: 10

Merle shoots Doyle
Merle shoots 9 thugs

Final Showdown: 12

Merle shoots 10 thugs
Merle beats a guy to death with a shotgun
Merle shoots Murdoch

Aftermath: 1
Merle dies from having being shot by Murdoch and Tyke