The Big Hit (1998): Body Count Breakdown

The Big Hit (1998): Body Count by Gregglop09


Melvin Smiley (Mark Whalberg): 33
Cisco (Lou Diamond Phillips): 2


Opening: 2
2 dead bodies in trash bags

Hotel: 24
Melvin shoots 17 hitmen
Melvin shoots the target
Melvin blows up 5 hitmen with bomb
Hitmen shoot 1 of their own

Kidnapping: 2

Cisco shoots the limo driver
Melvin shoots Lance

Gump’s House: 1
Cisco stabs Gump

Melvin’s House: 2
Melvin shoots 2 hitmen with shotgun

Car Chase: 5
Melvin shoots the driver
Melvin blows up 4 hitmen in car

Finale: 1

Melvin stabs Cisco