The Big Boss (1971): Body Count Breakdown

The Big Boss (1971): Body Count by luvmetender009


Cheng Chao-an (Bruce Lee) – 14
Hsiu Chien (James Tien) – 2
Foreman (Chih Chen) – 1


Cover-up – 2
-Foreman kills a worker
-Thugs kills another

Hsu’s Last Stand – 2
-A worker is axed in the back
-Hsu is stabbed by Hsiu Chien

Brothel – 1

-Hsiu Chien stabs a whore

Investigation – 10
-Cheng smash 1 thug’s face with a well-thrown flashlight
-Cheng stabs 3 thugs
-Cheng hurled his knife into 1 more thug
-Cheng kills 1 thug with a handsaw, off-screen (you can hear the sound of metal cutting through meat, though)
-Cheng stabbed 3 thugs with knives flung towards him
-Cheng crushed Hsiu Chien’s insides with a punch to the stomach

Home Massacre – 6
-6 corpses of Cheng’s friends/ surrogate family seen, including the little boy’s

Mansion – 5

-Cheng stabs a thug
-Cheng slashed 1 thug then kicks him into a pool
-Cheng hurled a knife into a thug’s stomach
-Cheng kicks Hsiao Mi’s knife back into his own gut, before clutching at Mi’s chest, causing him to bleed out to death