Rant here, with the first AOBG Monthly Update, to inform the masses (all 12 of you) just what the fuck it is we’re working on. And as you can tell from the above title and picture of my girlfriend*, this November will be Ninja Themed and will feature no less than 5 Breakdowns by myself (starting with G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA), that all involve Ninjas. This is being done in honor of the first film with the word Ninja in the title to hit a wide theatrical release in what has to be at least 12 years: NINJA ASSASSIN 11/25/09. So get out there and support it, even though it doesn’t look even half as cool as Scott Adkins’ soon to be released (~fingers crossed~) Ninja film, cleverly titled, NINJA.

Ninjvember 02

Other than NINJVEMBER (which may very well become an Annual event…), I will also be covering the 2009 Action biggie, STAR TREK as it is hitting DVD shelves on the 17th. And as for the rest of it? I’m not quite sure. I have plans and a couple concrete flicks I have been longing to get to, leaving me with a couple openings for whatever inspires me. Which, could end up being nothing… I’m trying to find time for personal projects and as the holidays come closer, I know I’ll be working more and have less time and drive to sit down and crank shit out. So, we shall see. I am also tentatively working on possible formats for reviews outside of movies, that still stick to our Bad-Ass credo, such as Action-Video Games and Hard-Rock/Metal Album reviews. You know, keep the site fresh with Bad-Ass Entertainment Critique on a wider scale. But again, we shall see.


NINJVEMBER?  Are you serious?  Well, I’ll see if I can’t dig up some obscure ninja flicks.  I’ll hopefully be doing a lot more killcounts this month, and I’m planning on finishing up the Terminator movie breakdowns.  First, however, I’ll be doing a write-up on Dolph Lundgren‘s Command Performance.  See you all around.

Have A Happy Fat-Fuck-Day Thanksgiving and thanks for reading ~TEAM AOBG

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*I wish