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Rant here, taking a break from screaming at no one in-particular about the current state of my PS3, to update you dear readers on just why I seemingly haven’t been doing jack shit for the last two weeks. It is, of course, a little complicated. But to bore you with the details of why I chose organizing notes for my planned original story ideas, working out possible audio and video ideas for future AOBG projects and playing video games over pumping out Breakdowns would take far too long. Then to further go on with an explanation as to why my monthly promises seem to continuously fall flat, would just be pouring Nyquil on the wound. So, the short answer is, because I’m lazy. BUT, let me just say that I have learned my lesson: Don’t make promises. Instead, here is what I HOPE to accomplish this coming month…

– Begin Writing (and posting): Rant Trek: A Ten Film Journey Into The Depths Of Uber-Geekdom

– And in honor of Marchial Arts: Street Fighter: A Rantrospective

And that’s about it. While I will never say never to writing Breakdowns again, I just don’t have the drive to continue with them at this time. The Breakdowns are, and will always be, my babies. I love them. But sometime you have to send the kids away to Grandma’s so you and the Mrs. can throw that orgy you’ve been thinking about these past few years. And my “orgy” happens to be other projects. And for the time being, I’m naked, lubed up and ready for something different and exciting. So, while my output will be sporadic at best, I assure you that I am still dedicated to this site. Kain?

KAIN: After wiping those horrible images from my head, I guess the only thing left to say is that I will still be occasionally writing Breakdowns.  I’ve got some other things planned as well, but mostly it will be Breakdowns and Killcounts.  See you all in the coming months.


Chuck Wants You...


AOBG is always looking for new and interesting (read: funny and able) writers to aid us on our ballsy journey into the world of Action Movie obsession. So, if you have an interest in writing Reviews, Top-Ten Lists, Essays, Breakdowns, or anything else that relates to Bad Ass Cinema, let us know, as we’d love to increase our number of snarky, overtly critical commentators. Just join our forum, submit your work in a new thread HERE and your wildest dreams of joining our team may indeed come true… If, of course, we think your writing is up to par (read: at least as good as our shit). Oh, and you provide your own movie screencaps. We are WAY too lazy to be doing that bullshit for anyone else but ourselves.


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