Rant here with Kain and Van Damme to deliver a cold hard slap to your senses to knock that hangover grimace off your stone-drunken mug. It’s a new year and we here at AllOuttaBubbleGum are ready, willing and able to start it off right by giving you more of what you, our 12 dedicated viewers want most of all to help keep you on the track of your half-hearted resolutions: Death, Destruction, Blood, Chaos and Beefcakes. Which we plan to deliver with a bunch more Movie, Music AND Video Game Breakdowns (Coming Soon), a slew of new gratuitous Killcount Vids. And more general commentary on all the forms of badass entertainment that we all love so dear.

– One of my main goals on the website over the course of this year, will be to fill out and complete my Bond-A-Thon endeavor, completing a breakdown for all the rest of the 22 007 pictures I have yet to review. Starting this very month with 2 entries, I had previously attempted to do write-ups on, but failed myself with mediocrity. So, if you’re into my Bond Breakdowns, rest assured they’re ALL on their way.

– I also have a few fun ‘theme’ months planned for this year, which should make for some good times, especially if I am successful in my next endeavor, which is…

– Finding another writer, interested in joining Team AOBG to add to our awesomeness.


Chuck Wants You...


Do you have the drive to write mediocre, snarky commentary for Action films, the likes of which the general populous couldn’t care less about!? Are you willing to sacrifice your freetime for no pay and practically zero feedback!? Do you long for your hard work and cynicism to be featured on our main page, where it is likely to be seen by close to a dozen people!? If you answered yes, to any of those questions, you sir or madam (highly unlikely) are a ballsy hero and need only to submit a Breakdown on our forum for our review and your wildest dreams may indeed come true… If, of course, we think it’s up to par. Oh, and you provide your own movie screencaps. We are WAY too lazy to be doing that bullshit for anyone else but ourselves.


And finally, I have also decided to give this new thing (not sure if you’ve heard of it), called  “twatter” a try, by setting up an account for our site, which I plan on using to post updates on shit in the works for the die hard fans (Myself and Kain). Soon as I figure out how to work the fuckin’ stupid thing. A link will be added in the sidebar on the left of the main page, so the 12 of you can become our cyber groupies friends and follow along with our sentence-long brain droppings of benign minutia. So check it out. I’m pretty clever, so it should be at least mildly entertaining. Click Me–Hard. Now, here’s Kain…

Kain: Holy shit!  Where did you get that picture?

Anyhow, I have some things planned for the expansion of our site.  Most are still in the experimental, not-quite-more-than-rough-drafts stage. But as you will see if you head over to the Breakdown page, I have given each letter its own link.  We’ve expanded in our Breakdowns so much this has become a necessity.

As always, we are a continually evolving website, and I hope to nurture that growth for a long time to come.  I’ll be posting more lists this year (who doesn’t love lists?), and hopefully staying more up to date on Action-related news.

Well, let’s all say hello to the next decade.

Happy New Year and thanks for reading ~TEAM AOBG

Any questions, comments or requests you may have, please let us know. Responses are guaranteed via our Forum, be they private or posted on our update/conversation thread, The Meat Grinder. Or, email us at .