December 01

Rant here to officially lament: It’s that time of year again. There’s snow on the ground, bad music on the airwaves and fat asses waddling through the malls. Christmas. Bah Humbullshit. The holidays suck. You know it, I know it. On the bright-side, it only happens 1 to 8 times a year. And while it is most certainly a difficult battle, I’m sure we’ll weather and overcome the consumer shit-storm of cheery decorations, terrible traffic, bums with bells, checkout lines and the bitter angry fuck-tards clogging them up. And AOBG is here to help make it seem just a little less ass.

December 03

There now, it already doesn’t seem quite so shitty, right? Yeah, I know, it’s still awful. But rest assured, Team AOBG will trudge through this coming month of family get-togethers and suicidal tendencies with more Action Breakdowns, Body Counts, Bond Breakdowns and Kill Count Vids to help brighten these cold gray days.

Also, starting on December 20th, Kain and I will begin posting a Holiday Themed Breakdown-A-Day up to Christmas. In something we have decided to dub, THE SIX DAYS OF CHRISMASSACRE. Clever, I know. Other than that, it’ll will be pretty much same-ol-same-ol round here.

Personally, I plan on hitting up some Breakdowns that have been suggested I do from some friendly emails we’ve received. So those will be coming very soon here and other than that—nothing’s carved in stone until the 20th. So, if you happen to be a reader of mine and have a movie you’d really like to see me do a write-up for, send me an email. Contact info’s at the bottom of the post. Kain?

Kain: Pretty much the same story here.  I’m going to once again try and catch up on a lot of killcounts.  So yeah, that’s about it.  I’ll be doing a breakdown every now and then, but I think I’ll concentrate on the kills this holiday season.

Happy Holidays and thanks for reading ~TEAM AOBG

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December 02