The 6th Day (2000): Body Count Breakdown

The 6th Day (2000) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by luvmetender)

[Character Kills]

Adam Gibson/Cloned Adam (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 45
Talia Elsworth (Sarah Wynter): 39
Tripp (Colin Cunningham): 5
Michael Drucker (Tony Goldwyn): 2
P. Wiley (Rodney Rowland): 2
Robert Marshall (Michael Rooker): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

NFL Games: 1
-Marshall cuts off Johnny Phoenix’s medical equipment, causing him to die from cardiac arrest

Car Chase: 2
-Wiley accidentally shoots Talia and causes her to fall out of Cloned Adam’s car
-Cloned Adam runs over Wiley

“Try to stay dead this time”: 1

-Cloned Adam breaks cloned Wiley’s neck

Apartment: 1

-Tripp shoots cloned Hank

Parking Garage: 2
-Tripp forces Cloned Adam to shoot him (shared)
-Cloned Adam shoots cloned Talia’s fingers off, causing her to die from amputation

Alpines Flashback: 3
-Tripp shoots Hank
-Tripp shoots Drucker’s bodyguard
-Tripp shoots Drucker

“You’re welcome”: 1
-Drucker shoots Griffin

Millenium Co.: 82
-Adam shoots Vincent
-Drucker shoots Wiley for his incompetence
-Talia accidentally shoots out the tank glass after being assaulted by Cloned Adam, causing Marshall and 38 embryos to be drowned
-Cloned Adam chokes Talia with the tubes
-Drucker dies from a gun blast inflicted by Wiley after Cloned Adam used him a shield (shared)
-Cloned Adam shoots 3 security guards
-2 security guards shown dead, killed by Cloned Adam
-Adam shoots 1 security guard
-Adam flies the helicopter beind cloned Drucker, causing him to fall through a skylight onto the floor
-The fuse set by Adam caused the top floors of Millenium to blow up, killing Henderson, Dan, 29 security guards, and another employee in the explosion

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-It’s not known what happens to the clone of Marshall whom Cloned Adam shoots the leg off of, but seeing as when Marshall is shown again he’s fine, this clone was likely killed.
-Katherine Weir dies offscreen (as Griffin mentions it to Drucker) but it’s not shown.
-There were possibly more employees killed in the Millenium explosion.

[The Final Tally= 93]