Tatsuya Nakadai Killcounts

Untamed Woman
Hikage No Musume
Sequel Ôban – Volume 2
A Dangerous Hero
Hadairo No Tsuki
Black River
Another Ôban Sequel – Volume 3
Saze-San’s Youth

Teenage Sazae

Yoru No Hamon

The Gion Tempest

Buttsuke Honban

Go And Get It

Hi No Tori
Hadashi No Seishun
The Thick-Walled Room
Lovebirds’ Gate

Oshidori No Mon

A Boy And Three Mothers
All About Marriage
Ôban Conclusion
Naked Sun
The Beast Shall Die
Odd Obsession
Three Dolls In Ginza
Pilgrimage At Night


The Human Condition II: Road To Eternity 4
When A Woman Ascends The Stairs
Daughters, Wives, And A Mother
The Blue Beast
Get ’em All
The Human Condition III: A Soldier’s Prayer 8
Yojimbo 5
Poignant Story

The Other Woman/As A Wife, As A Woman

As The Clouds Scatter
Immortal Love
The Inheritance
Love Under The Crucifix
Harakiri 6
Yushu Heiya
Pressure Of Guilt
Legacy Of The 500,000
A Woman’s Life
Ant Hell War

Jigoku Sakusen

Three Yakuza
Illusion Of Blood 2
Fort Graveyard
The Last Judgement

Saigô No Shinpan

Cash Calls Hell
The Sword Of Doom 92
The Face Of Another 1
The Daphne
The Age Of Assassins


Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die! 3
Kill! 8
The Human Bullet
Goyokin 35
Safari 5000
Battle Of The Japan Sea
Portrait Of Hell
Blood End


Duel At Fort Ezo
The Ambitious
The Scandalous Adventures Of Buraikan
Zatoichi Goes To The Fire Festival 18
Will To Conquer
Challenge At Dawn
Battle Of Okinawa
Inn Of Evil
The Wolves
The Human Revolution
Rise, Fair Sun
The Family
The Beast Must Die: Mechanic Of Revenge
The Gate Of Youth
Battle Cry


I Am A Cat
Solar Eclipse


Human Revolution II
The Barren Zone

The Corporation

Sugata Sanshirô
Queen Bee
Bandits vs. Samurai Squadron 53
Firebird: Daybreak Chapter

The Phoenix

Blue Christmas
Hunter In The Dark 3
The Battle Of Port Arthur
Aokiôkami Narukichiomoase No Shôgai
Willful Murder
Sazen Tange And The Pot Worth A Million Ryo
Fireflies In The North

Kita No Hotaru

Ran 1
Family Without A Dinner Table
Atami Murder Case
Another Way: D-Kikan-Joho
Return From The River Kwai
Four Days Of Snow And Blood
13 Assassins

Jusan-Nin No Shikaku

Heat Wave
Faraway Sunset

Toki Rakujitsu

Wicked City
Lone Wolf And Cub: The Final Conflict
Summer Of The Moonlight Sonata
Go Tsubu No Shinju
East Meets West
Miyazawa Kenji Sono Ai
After The Rain
Jubaku: Spellbound
Aki No Ryojô Sasupensu 3: Shokutaku Keiji Koyamada Shô’hei Tabiji No Hate
Vengeance For Sale
To Dance With The White Dog
Dawn Of A New Day: The Man Behind VHS
Like Asura
Hoshi Ni Negaio: 7jô Ma De Umareta 410man No Hoshi
Murder Of The Inugami Clan
Listen To My Heart
Haru’s Journey
Zatoichi: The Last
Japan’s Tragedy
Until The Break Of Dawn
Promise: The Nabari Poisoned Wine Case, The Life Of A Death-Row Inmate
The Human Trust
Gun Woman
Nôrin Ten: A Gonjirô Inazuka Story
A Duel Tale
Great Evil Does Not Go To Sleep
Lear On The Shore
Henkan Koshonin Itsuka, Okinawa O Torimodosu
A Town And A Tall Chimney
The Return
The Pass: Last Days Of The Samurai

TOTAL: 239

No Kills In: Seven Samurai, The Human Condition I: No Greater Love, Sanjuro [Tsubaki Sanjûrô], High And Low, Kwaidan [Kaidan], Samurai Rebellion, Japan’s Longest Day, Admiral Yamamoto, Tenchu! [Hitokiri], Belladonna Of Sadness, Kagemusha, Final Yamato, The Story Of Hachikō, Taikoki, The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya, Giovanni’s Island, Sleeping Village

**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.