Tai Zi chuan shuo [No More Love, No More Death] (1997) Bodycount Breakdown

Tai Zi chuan shuo [No More Love, No More Death] (1997) Body Count by luvmetender009


Tai Zi “The Prince” (Jacky Cheung) – 13 kills
Tracy Chan (Rosamund Kwan) – 8 kills
Ching-Ching (Carina Lau) – 6 kills
Partner Hitman (Ho Chin) – 25 kills
Boss Pak (Stephen Tung) – 5 kills


13th Floor – 1
-Ching-Ching cuts the target’s throat

Trial Interruption – 6
-Tai Zi shoots the attorney
-Tai Zi shoots 3 feds with his pistol
-Tai Zi shoots 2 feds with his shotgun

Flashback / Tai Zi’s First Hit – 1
-Tai Zi guns down the wealthy businessman

Nightclub – 1
-Tai Zi shoots 1 bouncer from inside bathroom

Cemetery Shootout – 8
-Tai Zi shoots 2 triads
-Ching-Ching shoots 3 triads
-Tai Zi shoots 1 triad
-Tai Zi shoots 1 more triad next to the woman triad leader
-Ching-Ching shoots the woman triad leader

Apartment – 10
-Tai Zi’s partner shoots 2 feds beside the staircase
-Tai Zi’s partner shoots 2 more feds in the carpark
-Tai Zi’s partner shoots 4 more feds
-2 dead feds seen at side of the road (their killers were unseen, so nobody claims the kills)

“Our apologies for our lack of hospitality” – 5
-The booby trap set by an unknown assailant (either Tai Zi, Tai Zi’s partner or Ching-Ching) blows up 5 feds (since its never revealed who set up the trap, nobody gets the kills)

Flashback / Death of An Officer – 1
-The police chief (played by Ng Man Tat) is kicked off a cliff by Boss Pak before landing in the middle of a road and run over by a passing car

Square – 4
-Tai Zi’s partner snipes 4 of Green Dragon’s bodyguards

Final Shootout – 31
-Tai Zi’s partner and Chan each shoots 1 fed
-Tai Zi’s partner shoots 4 feds and squad leader
-Boss Pak shoots 2 of Tai Zi’s assistants
-Chan shoots 7 feds
-Tai Zi’s partner shoots 5 feds
-Tai Zi’s partner finishes off 1 wounded fed
-Ching Ching and Tai Zi’s partner each shoots 1 fed
-Police Chief drives his vehicle (which is on fire and going to explode) into 6 of Boss Tung’s henchmen, blowing up all of them
-Boss Pak shoots Tai Zi’s partner and Ching Ching
-Tai Zi empties the entire contents in Ching Ching’s discarded Uzi into Boss Pak


-Tracy Chan blows up a car during the final shootout, but no deaths were seen.
-Death of Chui Yee (Tai Zi’s former girlfriend) mentioned.