Universal Soldier: Redeemed

[THE CHALK-OUTLINE] Universal Soldier: Regeneration (2009): Breakdown by Kain424 When a rebel Soviet group, using stolen UniSol technology, kidnap the Russian Prime Minister’s children and fortify themselves in Chernobyl, Luc Deveraux is sent back into action. [THE EXECUTION] Pretending the other sequels to Universal Soldier don’t exist, this film sees Luc Deveraux as damaged goods … Read moreUniversal Soldier: Redeemed

Universally Awesome!

[THE CHALK-OUTLINE] Universal Soldier (1992): Breakdown by Kain424 Using the bodies of “M.I.A.” Vietnam soldiers, the government creates a platoon of seemingly invincible super soldiers.  When one begins to remember who he was in his past life and escapes, explosions, car chases, and fighting ensues in this epic versus film. [THE EXECUTION] Versus films are … Read moreUniversally Awesome!