Shuang xiong [Heroic Duo] (2003) Bodycount

Shuang xiong [Heroic Duo] (2003) Body Count by luvmetender009


Ken (Ekin Cheng) – 3
Jack Lai (Leon Lai) – 2
Brenda (Lam Kar Yan) – 2
Ocean (Anson Leung) – 3


Apartment – 1
-Ocean kills senior Inspector Zhang

Nightmare – 1
-Ken’s girlfriend seen drowned

I’m guilty – 1
-Inspector Liu’s corpse seen, having comitted suicide off-screen

The Raid – 1
-Lai shoots 1 cop, who fell off a tall balcony

Parking Lot – 9

-Bald thug shoots 5 cops
-2 cops run over
-Bald thug shoots Lykin and Lykin’s bodyguard

Docks – 1
-Ocean’s thugs shoots Bald thug

Flashback – 1
-Mandy shoots the rapist

Game – 1
-Ocean shoots Lai’s sister

Roadside – 8
-5 cops shot
-Sniper shoots 1 cop
-Brenda shoots the sniper
-Ken shoots Min

Construction Site – 2
-1 cop car crashes killing its driver
-Ken shoots 1 thug

The Rescue – 3
-Brenda kicks 1 henchman into a fire and he burns up
-Ken and Lai throws an oxygen cylinder at Ocean, blowing him up (shared kill)
-Lai succumbs to gunshot wounds


-2 people were seen lying on the elevator’s floors in thge auction hall during the chaos, its unclear if they’re dead or unconscious.