Shaft (1971) Body Count Breakdown

Shaft (1971) Body Count Breakdown by Statham17
(previously done by RANTBO)

[Character Kills]

John Shaft Sr. I (Richard Roundtree): 2
Ben Buford (Christopher St. John): 2
Leroy (Tommy Lane): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Office: 1
Leroy accidentally runs out of a window and falls to his death

“Don’t Tom me man!”: 6
Sonny dies from his gunshot wounds inflicted by a gangster
A gangster shoots 3 of Ben’s men
One of Ben’s men’s body is seen shot by a gangster
A gangster’s body is seen shot by one of Ben’s men

“Your my ace so I got to call you”: 2
A gangster shoots Charlie
Shaft shoots a gangster

Rescue: 4
Shaft shoots Lee
Ben shoots a gangster in the back
Ben shoots a gangster
A gangster shoots one of Ben’s men in the back

[The Final Tally= 13]