Scary Movie (2000) Killcount And Body Count Breakdown

Scary Movie (2000)

Starring Dave Sheridan

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Sheridan kills 13

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Scary Movie (2000) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

[Character Kills]

Doofy Gilmore/The Killer (Dave Sheridan): 13
Ray Wilkins (Shawn Wayans): 2
Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris): 1
Bobby Prinze (Jon Abrahams): 1
Greg Phillipe (Lochlyn Munro): 1
Buffy Gilmore (Shannon Elizabeth): 1
Gail Hailstorm (Cheri Oteri): 1
Phil (Peter Hanlon): 1
Younger Man In Theater (Ted Cole): 1
Older Man In Theater (Jim Shepard): 1
Old Lady In Theater (Doreen Ramus): 1
Woman In Theater (Jessica Van Der Veen): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Opening: 1
Doofy stabs Drew with a knife offscreen

“That’s it!”: 1
Gail shoots The Annoying Guy

Murder Flashback: 1
Ray, Buffy and Greg throw David Keegan into the sea causing him to drown (Shared)

Pageant: 1
Doofy stabs Greg then cuts his throat with a knife

House Chase: 1
Cindy pushes a piano down a staircase causing it to accidentally hit her Grandma killing her

Locker Room: 1
Doofy cuts off Buffy’s head with a meat cleaver and she dies offscreen

“What are you waiting for?”: 1
Phil jumps off a school roof to his death

Car: 1
Doofy stabs Heather with a knife

Woods: 1
Doofy stabs Kenny with a knife offscreen

Movie Theater: 1
The Older Man, The Younger Man, The Woman, The Older Lady and civilian’s stab and cut Brenda’s throat with a knife and she dies from her wounds (Shared/Comes back to life)

Garage: 1
Doofy activates a garage door to open which Jill is trapped in causing it to collapse and crush her

Killer Song: 6
Doofy slashes and stabs Dookie and 5 of Shorty’s friends with a hook

Finale: 3
Bobby shoots Shorty (Comes back to life)
Ray stabs Bobby with a knife
Doofy stabs Ray in the back with a hook (Comes back to life)

Ending: 1
A civilian accidentally runs over Cindy with their car (Comes back to life)

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

Brenda, Ray, Cindy and Shorty are killed but come back to life for no reason in Scary Movie 2
It is heavily implied that Doofy killed Heather’s boyfriend offscreen

[The Final Tally= 21]