Sat sau dik tung wah [A Taste of Killing and Romance] (1994) Bodycount Breakdown

Sat sau dik tung wah [A Taste of Killing and Romance] (1994) Body Count by luvmetender009


Ko Sau (Andy Lau) – 10 kills
Yu-Feng (Anita Yuen) – 11 kills
Wong Cheong (Mark Cheung) – 5 kills
Ice (Christine Ng) – 1 kill
Inspector Tung (Waise Lee) – 2 kills
Doomed Hitman (John Ching) – 1 kill


Opening Hit/Shanghai – 3
-Ko shoots out the tires of the rich businessman’s car, causing it to flip over and crash killing the driver
-Ko shoots the bodyguard in the passenger seat who comes out
-Ko then shoots the businessman

Hong Kong Trade Center – 11
-Feng stabs Mr. Lai
-Feng shoots 1 guard who come up from behind her
-Feng shoots 2 guards in the corridor outside the office
-Feng shoots 3 more guards in the office
-Feng shoots 3 inthe kneecaps, wounding them fatally (they were never seen getting up)
-Feng shoots 1 more guard as she is leaving

BUPA Center – 2
-Corpse of janitor seen in a dumpster, killed offscreen by Doomed Hitman
-Tung shoots Doomed Hitman as soon as he got out the elevator

Trial Day – 1
-Ko (disguised as the judge) shoots the witness, Kwok Chung

“Don’t push me!!!” – 1
-Sister Ice shoots the failed assasin in his neck

Silencing Any Witnesses – 2
-Cheong suffocates Tung’s mother by smothering her with plastic wrap
-Cheung force Tung’s 8-year-old daughter to swallow an entire bottle of cleaning detergent

“Who are you?” “The person you’re looking for!!!” – 2
-Dead police officer seen outside, killed offscreen by Cheung
-Cheung stabs the female police investigator in the gut

Carpark Hit – 2
-Ko shoots Mr. Tsui
-Ko shoots a discharged shotgun catridge, causing a small explosion that blows up 1 police detective

Beach Shootout/Finale – 12
-Ko shoots 2 thugs
-Ko shoots 1 thug on a lifeguard stand from beneath an overturned boat he is using as cover
-Ko shoots 1 more thug
-Police shoots 2 thugs
-Tung shoots 1 thug
-Thugs shoot 1 police
-Police shoots 1 thug
-Cheung shoots Ko
-Cheung and Feng were shot by the police


-Cheung also kills Tung’s family pet pekinese by shoving it into a washing machine then turning it on.
-Feng shoots 1 additional guard near some filing cabinets, when the scene cuts he’s still alive and is making away from the scene.
-Ko shoots several fishes.
-2 wooden stages collapses during the lion dance party, but no casualties were seen.