San tau chi saidoi [Skyline Cruisers] (2000) Bodycount Breakdown

San tau chi saidoi [Skyline Cruisers] (2000) Body Count by luvmetender009


Mac (Leon Lai) – 1 kill
Bird (Jordan Chan) – 2 kills
Michelle (Michelle Saram) – 6 kills
Soto (Alex To) – 5 kills
Sam (Sam Lee) – 2 kills


Facility Breakout – 7
-Bird shoots at a fire extinguisher, blowing up 2 security guards
-Michelle shoots 5 security guards

Morgue Briefing – 1
-Dr. Lee’s corpse is seen

Flashback/Betrayal – 1
-Soto cuts the cord holding Apple, causing her to fall down a shaft to her death

Betrayal – 1
-Dr. Kam is shot by his own men

Chase – 6
-Michelle shoots 1 thug driving a pursuing car
-Sam crashes his jeep over the top of another pursuing car, crushing 2 thugs seen in it
-A bodyguard is flung out of his vehicle by Soto and appears to die after hitting the road
-Soto shoots 2 bodyguards

Ruins – 2
-Soto shoots June
-Mac blows up Soto with his own bomb


-11 mentioned deaths in news report.

-Mac and Bird beats up plenty of security guards during the infiltration into the facility, but didn’t kill anyone.

-A bunch of security guards are gassed near the bridge, but they seemed unconscious.