Romeo Must Die (2000) Bodycount Breakdown

Romeo Must Die (2000) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Han Sing (Jet Li): 5
Kai (Russell Wong): 21
Mac (Isaiah Washinton): 5
Trish O’Day (Aaliyah): 2
Issak O’Day (Delroy Lindo): 1
Ch’u Sing (Henry O): 1


Club Fight: 2
-Kai kicks a bouncer head-first through a small glass window at full force, killing him
-Kai kicks a bouncer in the throat, breaking his neck

Next Morning: 1
-Po Sing is shown hanging from a light post, killed by Kai off-screen

Prison Escape: 2
-Han breaks a prison guard’s neck with his chain cuffs
-Han kicks a prison guard in the throat, breaking his neck

Barber Shop: 2
-Mac’s bomb blows up Melvin and his customer

Apartment Hit: 2
-Mac tosses Colin O’Day and his girlfriend out a high rise window to their deaths

Salvage Yard: 9
-9 dead workers are seen, all killed by Kai off-screen

Chase: 1
-The first assassin is clotheslined off his bike by a set of metal pipes and wipes out and dies

Junkyard: 1
-Han helps Trish kick the female assassin onto a sharp post, impaling her (shared)

Barge: 9
-Kai shoots the 2 Triads next to Kung
-Kai shoots Kung
-Kai blows up the barge, killing the six drug addicts inside

Club Redux: 1
-Mac shoots Silk

Warehouse Fight: 1
-Han kicks a metal fire hose handle toward a gangster’s skull, killing him

Deal: 4
-Roth’s men shoot 2 henchmen
-Mac’s henchmen shoot 1 of Roth’s bodyguards
-Issak shoots Bruce

Helipad: 1
-Trish shoots and wounds Mac, causing him to fall off to his death

Final Fight: 1
-Han kills Kai with a spine-shattering kick

Ending: 1
-Ch’u shoots himself in the head


-Han beats up/knocks out around 20 people throughout the entire film but didn’t kill them