Robinson Crusoe (1997) Bodycount Breakdown

Robinson Crusoe (1997): Bodycount Breakdown by H83TR3D


Robinson Crusoe (Pierce Brosnan) : 32 [WATCH HERE]
Man Friday (William Takaku) : 9
Crusoe’s Second (Tim McMullan) : 1


You Will Never Be Together : 2
-Crusoe fatally stabs Patrick after a duel
-Crusoe’s second shoots Patrick’s second

The Storm : 1
-One crewmen is swamped off of a ship and eventually drowns

The Ritual : 5
-Shaman ritually stabs two tribesmen dead
-Crusoe shoots the shaman
-Crusoe shoots another savage
-Friday stabs a savage to the throat

I’m Your Friend : 3
-Crusoe shoots a savage
-Friday stabs another savage
-Crusoe shoots another charging savage

Return To The Cave : 17
-Crusoe blows up a witch doctor , 3 men who were about to be sacrificed and at least another 13 savages seen in the cave

The Assault : 17
-Crusoe puts an arrow into savage’s neck
-Friday strangles another savage
-Crusoe hurls a tree trunk into a savage , killing him
-Friday hurls another trunk into another savage , killing him
-Crusoe triggers a trap that crushes 3 savages
-Friday triggers a trap that blows up 4 savages
-Crusoe’s hut trap blows up 5 savages
-Friday kills the last remaining savage

Freedom : 5
-Slaver captain shoots Friday
-At least 4 more bodies are shown


There is great probability all of the crewmen aboard the ship Crusoe was on have drowned offscreen , but neither it or bodies afterward are shown
Crusoe accidentally blew up his dog
More tribesmen could have been killed but only 4 bodies are shown