Righting Wrongs (1986): Body Count Breakdown

Righting Wrongs (1986): Body Count by Rutledal


Ha “Jason” Ling-Cheng (Yuen Biao) 4
Senior Inspector Cindy Si (Cynthia Rothrock) 5
Sergeant Wang Jing-Wai (Melvin Wong) – 9
Black Assassin (Peter Cunningham) – 8
Karen (Karen Sheperd) – 1


Court Stairs: 1
-Ha’s law professor is killed

Chase: 2
-Ha blows up a car killing 2

Taking Out Witnesses: 8 (9)
-Black assassin shoots 4
-Black assassin blows up 4*

*I count 5 children before the bomb goes off, but the movie states that only 8 people where killed

Righting a Wrong: 1
-Ha kills a crime boss

Beaten to the Punch: 6
-5 dead men seen in a car, killed by Wang
-Chow is killed by Wang

Grandpa’s House: 2
-Wang hangs Yu’s Grandfather
-Wang shoots Bad Egg

Meeting the Villain: 1
-Karen kills Yu

Chick Fight: 1
-Cindy kicks Karen of a railing and she falls to her death

Flight Hangar: 5
-Cindy shoots 4 henchmen
-Wang kills Cindy

Taking a Flight: 2

-Ha chops Wang in the neck with an ax
-Ha jumps from the plane and is killed on impact with the sea


Ha knocks out the black assassin, he is never seen again, but it doesn’t exactly look lethal.