Rich And Famous (1987): Body Count Breakdown

Rich And Famous (1987): Body Count by luvmetender009


Li Ah Chai (Chow Yun Fatt) – 10
Luk (Shing Fui On) – 6
Tang Kat-Yung (Alex Man) – 4


Bunk – 1
-Kwok’s father found dead from illness in a bed

Meeting – 28
-1 of Chai’s men shot by triads
-Luk shoots 2 triads in a corridor through window
-1 more of Chai’s men shot by triads
-Yung shoots 1 triad
-1 triad shot by Chai’s men
-Luk shoots 4 more triads
-Yung shoot 1 triad
-Chai shoots 9 triads upon arrival
-2 more triads gunned down by Chai’s men
-6 triads seen shot and killed (their assailiants are unseen and its impossible to tell who killed them)

Yung’s Betrayal – 2

-Yung strangles Fan Tit-tau, mid-pissing
-Yung shoots Fan’s guard

Chase – 4
-Car with 4 triads on board accidentally crashes into Kwok’s car, which blows up and kills all 4 on board

Wedding Crashers – 4

-One of Yung’s hired assasins shot
-Chai’s driver dies in car crash
-Chai shoots Yung’s driver
-Mak bleeds out, dying to a stray gunshot wound