Pulp Fiction (1994) Body Count Breakdown

Pulp Fiction (1994) Body Count Breakdown Redo by Statham17
(previously done by Longuecarabine and ASHPD24)

[Character Kills]

Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis): 4
Vincent Vega (John Travolta): 3
Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson): 3

[Corpse Breakdown]

“And you will know my name is the lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!”: 2
Jules shoots Roger
Jules and Vincent shoot Brett together (Shared)

“He booked”: 1
Floyd Ray Wilson’s body is seen unintentionally beaten to death by Butch in a boxing match

Butch’s apartment: 1
Butch shoots Vincent Vega

Pawn shop: 2
Butch punches The Gimp knocking him out which causes him to be strangled to death by the leash around his neck
Butch slashes Maynard with a samurai sword then stabs him

“Die you motherfuckers! Die!”: 1
Jules and Vincent shoot “the Fourth Man” together (Shared)

“Oh man I shot Marvin in the face”: 1
Vincent accidentally and unintentionally shoots Marvin in the face

[The Final Tally= 8]