Police Story 3: Super Cop (1992): Body Count Breakdown

Police Story 3: Super Cop (1992): Body Count by luvmetender009


Panther (Wah Yuen) – 6
Inspector Chan Ka Kui (Jackie Chan) – 6
Chaibat (Kenneth Tsang) – 5


Prison – 1
-Prison guards shoots Hung

Hideout – 1
-Pao shoots the traitor

Bay – 4
-Marine police shoots Pao’s accomplice
-Pao crashed into a boat with 3 police on board, all 3 were killed as boat explodes

Meeting Chaibat – 1
-Whore injected with drug earlier in the film revealed to have died from overdose in dialogue

Golden Traingle Deal – 45
-Chaibat kills 1 of his own with a durian
-Chaibat shoots 1 dealer
-Pao shoots 2 dealers
-Chaibat shoots 1 dealer and the Afro dealer
-Chaibat’s lieutenant blows up several huts in the compound with an RPG, killing 23 soldiers
-10 soldiers are blown up
-Chan shoots 4 soldiers
-Chaibat shoots 1 dealer
-Soldiers shoots the blonde dealer

Kuala Lumpur City Streets – 1
-Chaibat blows up a moving car killing its driver

Train Station – 1
-Pao shoots 1 innocent man

Rooftop – 2
-Chan throws 1 thug through a really high skylight
-Chan drops Pao over edge of roof

Train – 2
-1 thug hit by a signboard and knocked off train
-Chaibat incinerated by the helicopter’s wreckage


-Inspector Yang shoots Pao’s driver in the prison scene, but it appears that she only hits his shoulder
-The second thug accompanying Chaibat on the train was never seen again after in the second half of the fight, he was probably beaten unconscious by Chan.
-As with the case of the Police Story films, a lot, a lot, a LOT of people are badly beaten up throughout the course of the film (especially considering that this time Jackie co-stars with Michelle Yeoh) but none of them appeared to have died.