Operation Delta Force (1997) Bodycount

Operation Delta Force (1997) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Lang (Jeff Fahey): 30
Tipton (Ernie Hudson): 17
Nash (Joe Lara): 15
Marie (Natasha Sutherland): 3


UN Facility: 48
-South African White Supremist terrorists blow up 2 security guards
-Terrorists shoot 9 guards
-Nash, the terrorist leader, kills the doctor/traitor of the facility
-8 scientists shot by terrorists
-7 scientists blown up by terrorist’s grenades
-Nash kills another
-2 more scientists killed by a traitor in a green radiation suit
-Tipton slits a terrorist’s throat and stabs another
-Tipton kills 2 terrorists with his silenced pistol
-At least 12 scientists killed (via alternate angles) by Nash
-Tipton silences another and blows up the landed chopper aircraft (with the pilot still inside & another guard standing beside it in the previous shot)

Railroad-Train Ambush: 9

-Lang slits a terrorist’s throat on top of the train
-A Delta member shoots another on top
-Lang and the aforementioned Delta soldier shoot 3 (Two of the three kills are shared with Lang)
-Nash shoots a Delta trooper on the other train
-Lang silences two others
-Terrorists shoot the train conductor in the back

Canyon Tunnel: 8
-Lang and the Delta Team shoot two Terrorists (in slow motion once again!)
-Tipton shoots one
-Delta trooper kills one with his grenade launcher
-Lang kills a “Sniper” (with an AK-47) with a grenade
-Tipton and a Delta member kill one in a smaller tunnel
-Two more shot by Lang

Village: 22
-1 terrorist shot by Delta trooper
-Another shot by Tipton
-Lang shoots 4 baddies up on a rooftop
-2 more blown up by Lang
-Marie, the Female Delta sniper, kills an obese terrorist
-Lang shoots another
-Delta gunner on dune buggy kills 1
-Marie kills another
-Lang shoots one on the hill
-Lang jumps off a car “Matrix-style” and kills 2
-Lang shoots two more
-Dune buggy gunner blows up another
-Dune buggy driver shot by terrorist
-That terrorist is then shot by the dune buggy gunner
-Lang shoots 2 others

River-Bridge: 8
-Delta member kills boat pilot
-Lang kills gunboat gunner and pilot with the dune buggy turrets
-Lang shoots a baddie off his own boat
-Boat with 4 terrorists on it crashes and explodes

Docked Ship/”I’ve had just about enough of that kafir shit!”: 16
-Tipton shoots a guy off the crow’s nest
-Blond Delta Force guy kills 3
-Tipton kills 5 more guys
-Delta member kills 2
-Lang shoots a guy causing him to fall down the ship’s stairs
-Marie shoots a baddie
-Lang shoots two of Nash’s men
-Tipton kills Nash in a very badass way (followed by the usual one-liner)


Some men holding hostages are shot at the beginning but it’s just a simulation and they are seen getting up afterwards.